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Summit 2018 Discount Code

Are you going to Summit 2018? Use our code LSDISNZHD when you register. You save $150, the Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group gets $50.

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March 2018 – Meeting

Speaker – Grant Fritchey (view bio) Session – SQL Server Query Store For the most part, query tuning in one version of SQL Server is pretty much like query tuning in the next. SQL Server 2016 introduces a number of … Continue reading

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November 2017 – Meeting

Speaker – Rodney Landrum (view bio) Session – The DBA Script Thumb (10 year anniversary) Over time and through many different roles I have collected a wide array of T-SQL scripts and techniques that I use many times per week. … Continue reading

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September 2017 – Meeting

Speaker – Azhagappan (Az) Arunachalam (view bio) Session – SQL Graph Microsoft is on the verge of releasing SQL Server 2017 RTM. The feature set has been finalized, and Release Candidate v2 is out. Some of the major features of … Continue reading

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August 2017 – Meeting

Speaker – John Morehouse (view bio) Session – SQL Server Databaseology: A Deep Dive Into Database Internals Have you ever taken apart a toaster or an alarm clock just to see how it worked? Ever wondered how that database actually … Continue reading

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