HRSSUG October 2019 monthly meeting

This Month’s Speaker :

Speaker: Greg Moore

Title:A Dive into the System Databases


This session will delve into details of the system databases.
These are created when the system is installed and then DBAs pretty much forget about them. If you ask, they might have an idea of what their use is, but the truth is, they’re sort of a black box to many.

This session will cover how and when to back them up, how to move them if necessary and how to take advantage of that “model” database that seems to just sort of sit there.


I am an RPI graduate who has worked in IT for over 20 years. For the first 8 years or so I did straight consulting in the upstate NY area with some trips to other parts of the country for my clients.

In 1997 I started working for a local start-up company just as the first dot-com bubble was getting started. While there I worked with some great people and some great teams to build one of the best service providers for newspapers in the country. I honed my skills on working with SQL Server using replication, log-shipping and clustering to deliver the up-time demands of our customers.

From there I moved on to a 4.5 year stint for another start-up called Traffiq. While based in NYC, I worked in the Virginia office and commuted most weeks from upstate NY down to the NYC office and the Virginia office. Again, I had the pleasure of working with some great people.

Since August of 2011, I have been working on several new projects of my own, including QuiCR.

When I’m not busy in front of the computer, you may find me watching spending time with my family, watching NCIS, hiking or crawling through a hole in the ground. Yes, I’m a caver (please, caver, not spelunker). I work with the NCRC (National Cave Rescue Commission) as an instructor and as the database coordinator. One of my projects in the last year was making our training database available online to authorized personnel.

In addition to caving and computing, I like to muse on various topics such as how people think about problems, face certain dangers and react in various situations. Please feel free to comment and give me feedback or even point me to various topics you think might interest me. I’m always up for a good read.

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HRSSUG September 2019 monthly meeting

This Month’s Speaker :

Speaker: Rie Irish (view bio)

Title: Is My Bias Showing? Real World Implications of App & Machine Bias

Computers can’t be biased, right? I mean, it’s just lines of code. Yes or No. Ones & Zeros. Those lines of code are written by people. People have life experiences that color how they see the world. Let’s be blunt. People have baggage. And that baggage is seeping into your application, surveys and web forms. You’ve got an idea for a new app and it’s going to change the world! Right? It’s a brilliant idea & no one has ever thought of it before. You’re working on the GUI for your company’s web portal and you know just what information to collect from the user. Are you sure about that? Odds are pretty good that the information you’re going to collect is a reflection of your life & your experiences. Learn how to identify bias when it seeps in, how to code to be inclusive instead of exclusive, and some quick tips & tricks to make sure you’re accounting for all the users that will use YOUR application to change the world. Instead of just the ones that look like you.

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August 2019 – Meeting

Speaker – Justin Randall (view bio)

Session – Managing In-Memory OLTP – A DBA Field Guide

In-Memory OLTP can provide a significant performance boost to a range of workloads where lock contention, logging, and disk-based page structures limit query performance. In this session, we will explore the technology behind memory-optimized tables, what workloads will achieve the greatest performance gains, and highlight critical issues in implementing and managing SQL Server instances and databases containing in-memory objects.

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July 2019 – Meeting

Speaker – Matt Gordon (view bio)

Session – Top 5 Tips to Keep Always On AGs Always Humming and Users Happy

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep an Always On availability group running and the users and administrators who depend on it happy? Let my experience maintaining several production Always On Availability Groups provide you some battle-tested information and hopefully save you some sleepless nights. From security tips to maintenance advice, come hear about some less than obvious tips that will keep users happy and the DBA’s phone quiet.

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June 2019 – Meeting

Speaker – Monica Rathbun (view bio)

Session – Performance Tuning, Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Everyone wants to know if there are magic buttons you can push to make SQL Server run faster, better and more efficiently. In this session we will go over some of my go-to performance tricks that you can implement to get the biggest improvement with the least amount of change. When it comes to performance tuning, every second counts. We will cover memory optimization, isolation levels, trace flags, statistics, configuration changes and more. I’ll go over real life scenarios we come across as consultants and the changes we made to fix them.

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