HRSSUG November 2019 Meeting

This Month’s Speaker :

Speaker: Bryan Hundley

Title:SSAS Tabular – Scratching the Surface


Data Warehouses are nothing new, and easy enough to come by. However, the expertise needed to query one efficiently and analyze the data within accurately can still be rare. How do you deliver the contents of a complex, yet high-performing data warehouse to your non-technical business users? Enter SQL Server Analysis Services. SSAS can allow for the various valid relationships in your data warehouse to be pre-processed for your end users so they only need to choose which fields to slice and dice by, and which measures they wish to see. The Tabular mode of SSAS is supported by the VertiPaq engine, which is also the underlying engine for Excel PowerPivot and Power BI. During this talk, we’ll briefly review the differences between setting up your data model in each of those products, along with the pros and cons of each and how to determine which solution is best for you.


Bryan is a Senior Consultant and Team Lead with Marathon Consulting, LLC in Virginia Beach, VA. He is a 20 year veteran in the IT industry, specializing in the Data Platform space for the past 10 years, and is an active member of the local SQL Server and Power BI user groups. Recently, he has focused on designing data warehouses and business intelligence processes for multiple clients.

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