HRSSUG September 2019 monthly meeting

This Month’s Speaker :

Speaker: Rie Irish (view bio)

Title: Is My Bias Showing? Real World Implications of App & Machine Bias

Computers can’t be biased, right? I mean, it’s just lines of code. Yes or No. Ones & Zeros. Those lines of code are written by people. People have life experiences that color how they see the world. Let’s be blunt. People have baggage. And that baggage is seeping into your application, surveys and web forms. You’ve got an idea for a new app and it’s going to change the world! Right? It’s a brilliant idea & no one has ever thought of it before. You’re working on the GUI for your company’s web portal and you know just what information to collect from the user. Are you sure about that? Odds are pretty good that the information you’re going to collect is a reflection of your life & your experiences. Learn how to identify bias when it seeps in, how to code to be inclusive instead of exclusive, and some quick tips & tricks to make sure you’re accounting for all the users that will use YOUR application to change the world. Instead of just the ones that look like you.

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