May Meeting – 2015

Our May meeting will feature a SQL DBA for 25+ yrs from the Richmond, VA USA area. Business Owner, Software Developer, with broad background in IT disciplines. SQL Server user since 6.0.

George Walkey

Session: Scripting out SQL Server for Documentation and Disaster Recovery

Abstract:  Most DBAs need to use multiple native and third party tools to fully document SQL Server instances yet still dont get all the objects. Even using Visual Studio and Database Projects, not all objects are exportable and live at the server level, above the database. Using Powershell, we will script out an organized set of files that can be checked into any Source Control system and or used for moving or recovering a SQL server instance for Disaster Recovery purposes. Objects exported include: SQL Agent Jobs/Alerts/Schedules, NT Service Credentials, SSIS-MSDB, SSIS-Catalog, SSAS Cubes, SSRS Reports, Logins, Server Configs, Linked Servers, DB Mail Operators/Accounts, and Server Triggers

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