August 2018 – Meeting

Speaker – Jim Donahoe (view bio)

Session – Getting started with Azure SQL Database: What You Need To Know!

Azure SQL Database offers a way quickly spin up new databases with minimal management requirements. However, the number of differences between on-premises SQL Server and Azure SQL Database can be overwhelming. Even worse, with DBaaS it’s not clear who is responsible for what anymore. In this session, we will cover all the basic steps of getting your first Azure SQL Database instance spun up. We’ll cover common gotchas, like firewall settings and resource locks. We’ll also dive into some more advanced options with templates, allowing you to make your processes reproducible. By the end of this presentation, you’ll understand if Azure SQL Database is the right choice for you and your needs. You’ll understand how it can simplify management and allow you to scale easily. Finally, you’ll have the confidence to go and create your own instance with ease.

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July 2018

Speaker – Tracy Boggiano (view bio)

Session – Collecting Performance Metrics

Ever had a manager standing over your shoulder, wanting to know why an instance is running slow or if it can handle additional workload? What information would you use to answer these questions? If only you knew what performance metrics to collect and had them for your existing instances to answer these questions.

In this session, we will be combining three open source tools – Telegraf, InfluxDB, and Grafana – into an inexpensive system that collects performance metrics you can use to troubleshoot issues and answer important questions about your SQL Server instances, including your Linux SQL Server instances. We will learn what metrics to collect, how to use the tools to collect performance metrics and then we’ll put it all together in an interactive dashboard for easy visualization.

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HRSSUG June 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Carlos Chacon (view bio)

Session – The Easy Button for Managing Your Lower Environments

Are you tired of getting requests for lower level restores? Do you have any space issues? This session will review the concept of containers and attempt to identify ways we might benefit from this new technology as we support our users.

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HRSSUG May 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Jamie Wick (view bio)

Session – SQL Restore: Optimizing Your Data Recovery

When disaster strikes, everyone’s immediate question becomes: How long until the system is back online? Whether it’s a single database or the whole SQL environment, time is essential… As everyone waits on the restore to complete.

How long will the restoration process take?

Can it run faster?

In this session, we’ll answer these questions by looking at how to establish and maintain a Restoration Baseline and the options available for performance tuning database restores.

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HRSSUG April 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Wendy Pastrick (view bio)

Session – Navigating the Options for Data Redundancy

SQL Server has so many options for data redundancy, how do you know when you should use replication, or log shipping or AlwaysOn, etc? We will use real world examples where data redundancy is needed and discuss which is the appropriate technology and why. This is more than just a high availability vs disaster recovery discussion. If you have ever been confused or overwhelmed by all of the options, they will be broken down and made clear in this session.

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