HRSSUG June 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Carlos Chacon (view bio)

Session – The Easy Button for Managing Your Lower Environments

Are you tired of getting requests for lower level restores? Do you have any space issues? This session will review the concept of containers and attempt to identify ways we might benefit from this new technology as we support our users.

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HRSSUG May 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Jamie Wick (view bio)

Session – SQL Restore: Optimizing Your Data Recovery

When disaster strikes, everyone’s immediate question becomes: How long until the system is back online? Whether it’s a single database or the whole SQL environment, time is essential… As everyone waits on the restore to complete.

How long will the restoration process take?

Can it run faster?

In this session, we’ll answer these questions by looking at how to establish and maintain a Restoration Baseline and the options available for performance tuning database restores.

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HRSSUG April 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Wendy Pastrick (view bio)

Session – Navigating the Options for Data Redundancy

SQL Server has so many options for data redundancy, how do you know when you should use replication, or log shipping or AlwaysOn, etc? We will use real world examples where data redundancy is needed and discuss which is the appropriate technology and why. This is more than just a high availability vs disaster recovery discussion. If you have ever been confused or overwhelmed by all of the options, they will be broken down and made clear in this session.

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Summit 2018 Discount Code

Are you going to Summit 2018? Use our code LSDISNZHD when you register.

You save $150, the Hampton Roads SQL Server User Group gets $50.

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March 2018 – Meeting

Speaker – Grant Fritchey (view bio)

Session – SQL Server Query Store

For the most part, query tuning in one version of SQL Server is pretty much like query tuning in the next. SQL Server 2016 introduces a number of new functions and methods that directly impact how you’re going to do query tuning in the future. The most important change is the introduction of the Query Store.

This session will explore how the Query Store works and how it’s going to change the methods you use to tune and troubleshoot query performance. With the information in this session, not only will you understand how the Query Store works, but you’ll know everything you need in order to put it to work with your own SQL Server 2016 tuning efforts, as well as your Azure SQL Databases.

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