March 2018 – Meeting

Speaker – Grant Fritchey (view bio)

Session – SQL Server Query Store

For the most part, query tuning in one version of SQL Server is pretty much like query tuning in the next. SQL Server 2016 introduces a number of new functions and methods that directly impact how you’re going to do query tuning in the future. The most important change is the introduction of the Query Store.

This session will explore how the Query Store works and how it’s going to change the methods you use to tune and troubleshoot query performance. With the information in this session, not only will you understand how the Query Store works, but you’ll know everything you need in order to put it to work with your own SQL Server 2016 tuning efforts, as well as your Azure SQL Databases.

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HRSSUG February 2018 meeting

Speaker – Louis Davidson (view bio)

Session – Implementing Row Level Security in SQL Server

Since the early days of SQL Server, it has been possible to use basic security measures to allow (and disallow) user access to any object in a database, and even limit access to a given column. A more difficult task has been to limit access to the individual rows in a table. This has made application development more complex because whereas most every user may have access to a table like HR.Employee, not every employee will have access to every employee’s data. In this session I will cover several techniques to limit access to rows, from methods that have existed since early versions of SQL Server, to the new Row Level Security feature in SQL Server 2016. If time permits, an overview of Dynamic Data Masking will be included, since it is a related technology.

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HRSSUG January 2018 Meeting

Speaker – Cameron Snapp (view bio)

Session – Choosing Sides in the ETL vs ELT Debate

NOTICE — This meeting has been postponed until 1/24 6pm because of expected inclement weather.

The debate regarding the relative merits of extract transform load (ETL) and extract load transform (ELT) data migration strategies isn’t new, but it remains relevant. Making the right choice is critical, because the wrong solution will slow development cycles and execution times, and increase the cost and complexity of code maintenance.  In this presentation, I’ll cover some best practices for implementing an ELT solution for a variety of data migration scenarios.  Data enthusiasts of any level will benefit from a detailed discussion of methodologies, strategic benefits, and code examples.

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HRSSUG December 2017 Holiday Social

Map to Gordon Biersch

4561 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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November 2017 – Meeting

Speaker – Rodney Landrum (view bio)

Session – The DBA Script Thumb (10 year anniversary)

Over time and through many different roles I have collected a wide array of T-SQL scripts and techniques that I use many times per week. These vary from basic troubleshooting, to health checks and best practice configuration settings to custom alerting and trending. In this session, I will walk through several of these scripts and ultimately show how you can automate the delivery of the output into useful reports and visualizations that will wow your boss (or customers) but more importantly, help you find and address potential problems fast and for free.

Download the The DBA Script Thumb (10 year anniversary) script

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