October Meeting – 2015

Speaker: Rob Collie (view bio)

Session: Power BI and SQL Pros: Impact and Opportunity Demystified.

Abstract: “This is a SQL and data warehousing user group. They don’t understand Analysis Services, OLAP, or really even BI as you think of it.” Five years ago, that’s what I was told by a BI user group coordinator immediately after giving a Power Pivot talk – a talk in which I had assumed the exact opposite, and which had yielded a lot of blank faces in the audience.

So… have things changed today? To an extent yes, and to an extent no. But no matter, because this time, I’m ready for you, regardless of your background!

Join us for a lively and interactive (and cartoon-illustrated!) discussion of the following questions/points:

  • What can Power BI do that “pure SQL” cannot?
  • Why PBI’s advertisement as “pretty dashboards” sells it WAY short.
  • How is Power BI different from traditional BI?
  • How can SQL pros benefit from Power BI even if they don’t use it personally?
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