September 2017 – Meeting

Speaker – Azhagappan (Az) Arunachalam (view bio)

Session – SQL Graph

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing SQL Server 2017 RTM. The feature set has been finalized, and Release Candidate v2 is out. Some of the major features of SQL Server 2017 includes support for Python alongside R (released with SQL Server 2016), inclusion of adaptive query plans, and SQL Graph integration, not to mention the portability of the product to run on other platforms (various distributions of Linux, Linux container on Docker on MacOS, or Linux/Windows container on Docker on Windows etc.,). SQL Graph is a version 1 of the product – but one that holds a lot of promises. In this session, we’ll take a look at what this feature brings to the table, and see how it is different from the other graph database offerings.

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