October 2018 – Meeting

Speaker – Kenneth Jensen (view bio)

Session – Amazon Web Services (AWS), business and the data professional

In this session we will discuss why businesses of all sizes and verticals are moving to the cloud and what impact that business decision is having on all data professionals.

We will cover what services and solutions Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest public cloud provider, has to offer so businesses and data professionals can remain competitive.

With a bias towards SQL Server, we will discuss; EC2, RDS, Glacier, S3, Glue, Redshift, Lamdba, Active Directory, alerting, data migration solutions and the AWS marketplace. We will also identify which third party SQL Server tools work with AWS.

By the end of the session you will understand the advantages the AWS cloud gives business and what tools are available for the data professional. You will be able to create your own free AWS account and start exploring AWS.

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